Why should women do martial arts?


Why should women do martial arts? There are multiple reasons why a woman should do martial arts..

Protect ourselves

One very obvious reason is to learn how to protect yourself. In general, women are the physically weaker sex. This unfortunately means it can be and in many cases is taken advantage of. Learning a martial art can help a woman protect herself from these situations or help a woman survive these situations. Some people are of the opinion that we should not learn martial arts because we are women. That isn’t a place for us because we are not as strong. I feel that that is exactly  why we should learn martial arts. To protect and empower ourselves.


Martial Arts is great for fitness. Particularly if you are one of those people who gets bored on a treadmill (like me). Martial arts requires you to use your brain and to use your body. You have to fully engage to succeed. This is why so many people find martial arts therapeutic. You can’t be thinking and obsessing about worries. If you are not focused you could be hit or submitted. Martial arts is a fantastic way to get/stay fit. No matter who you are it is a great form of exercise.


Learning martial arts is a great way to be social. You meet so many different types of people in a martial arts gym. There is often a great sense of community which is so welcoming. Having different training partners means meeting new people all the time. So, if you want to be a bit more social, maybe try your local martial arts gym.


Not necessarily something that you would assume to be a benefit of martial arts but its true! Maybe its the combination of being able to look after yourself, being around some awesome people and being fit that creates confidence. It may not totally make sense to you if you’ve never trained before. If you have, I’m sure you know what I’m on about. However, if you are reading this and you don’t really believe me.. do me a favour. Try it!


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